Full Time RV Living benefits the planet!

by greenMinimalism

I’ve already gone over why you should live in an RV and what expenses you can expect. Today I’m going to look at the wider benefits of RV living full time.

It’s actually highly beneficial to the environment to live in an RV as opposed to a home. Here are the reasons:

#1 Size

This is the obvious one. The fact that you don’t have loads of empty space means that heating and cooling fans are more efficient, and you have fewer appliances. For instance, my bed and my couch is actually the same piece of furniture, and is very compact, which has saved on the materials needed to create it.

#2 Solar Panels

It’s very easy to install solar panels on an RV roof since most RVs have a 12 volt system already. Check out a post like this, which contains detailed instructions about what you need to consider before transforming your vehicle.

Personally I haven’t added panels yet, as I don’t live in hot climate like California’s and have worked out that it would take years to recoup the energy investment here in the UK!

#3 Hot Water

Most RVs have manual hot water heating and other low power appliances, which means that you can switch them off and only use energy when you need to. Hot water systems, for instance, are always running in houses which must add up to a tremendous waste of energy when netted together.

Because leaving electronics on directly impacts your RV fuel/battery, you are more likely to be inspired to be ecological automatically, which is always a good sign, as opposed to people in houses who leave TVs and lights on in other rooms.

#4 Be in the ideal location

During winter, plan to be somewhere with a warmer climate, and vice versa. Also, if there’s sunlight streaming down, you can orient your RV to place south to warm yourself up, or you can drive under some shade if you need to cool off.

I’m assuming that people living in RVs are additionally physically fitter, which makes their bodies more efficient when it comes to temperature regulation :) Living in a tiny space is a real motivator for getting outside and exercising. Living in a big house on the other hand is what leads to people being like General Sternwood from The Big Sleep, who rots inside his huge greenhouse.

#5 Safety

Say your RV is in Oklahoma, the suspension and lack of unsecured objects makes you much safer in event on an earthquake.

I have, indeed, been in a motorhome during an earthquake and it was a “non-event”. It was in Borrego and we exited our MH following the shake and were told by friends about what we “missed”. They’d felt it because they were in a structure. We didn’t even feel it while in the motorhome. – Bob

Similarly, a fire or even a hurricane is going to be much easier to avoid if you can just drive away from it. Thinking about natural disasters like this makes me feel that living mobile is a much more natural way to exist!

Undoubtedly there are some counterpoints to this, such as your fuel consumption as you move around. But rest assured, on the whole you are far better for the environment in an RV than a normal homeowner, and this is something that you can be proud of on your deathbed.

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