by greenMinimalism

As early as a month ago I had grand plans for this blog. I wanted to continue writing a post three times a week for the next few years until greenMinimalism became a well-known voice in the minimalist blogosphere.

However, life has intervened. I’m still having some difficulty with internet addiction and have therefore decided to sell my laptop. Internet access from now on must be got from the library, and this will not facilitate regular posting. Furthermore, I have lost the motivation to continue writing on new topics and feel that I have already pretty much said all that I want to say here. To write anything new would just be to rephrase the old.

Before I leave, I’m going to delete the chaff and just try to keep the best information that I produced, leaving a core of posts that should inspire anyone to cut down, exercise more and get healthy. I should also add that I feel bad in some sense for “creative lying”. I sung the praises of meditation even though I stopped meditating myself, admittedly,¬†after a long period of getting no results. I was also pushing my luck in terms of the claims that I was making in post titles. All successful blogs (Pavlina or Altucher) seem to over-advertise themselves using such tricks, i.e. “5 Reasons Why I Want My Kids To Take Drugs”. I fear that this ridiculous self-promoting behavior was starting to seep into my blog style too. Another good reason to quit the blogging realm.



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